Yamaha PSR-S975 Keyboard
Yamaha PSR-S975 Keyboard
Yamaha PSR-S975 Keyboard

Yamaha PSR-S975 Keyboard

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The PSR-S975 is the ultimate PSR, with more content and a large memory capacity for expansion packs. PSR-S975 combines all the functionality of other models in the range together with powerful performance features including versatile effects, external display capability and a programmable vocal harmony function. 

1625 Voices, including Super Articulation Voices, Organ Flutes! Voices. 55 Drum/SFX kits, and 480 XG voices Digital Piano
523 Styles, including 40 Audio Styles, 34 Session Styles, 15 DJ Styles and 3 Free Play 
Half bar fill-in and Mono legato function 
768 MB on-board memory for expansion data 
Mic/Guitar input for use when singing or collaborating with other performers 
Vocal Harmony 2 and Synth Vocoder functions 
Real Distortion and Real Reverb, with an intuitive effects interface 
USB audio playback with time stretch, pitch shift, vocal cancel and MP3 lyrics display functions 
External display capability 

The PSR-S975 features two assignable live controllers, a modulation wheel and two assignable foot pedal inputs, ensuring that you have total control over Voices, Styles, effects and other functions during live performance. 

Newly implemented Half bar fill-in and Mono legato function expand the variation of your performance. 

Enjoy realistic Super Articulation Voices, Organ flutes and many other sounds from Tyros series which are sure to satisfy even the most demanding audience. 

Bring your performances to life with Audio Styles, featuring high quality percussion ensembles and drums, all recorded by world-class musicians. 

The PSR-S975 features the Real Distortion and Real Reverb effects from the renowned Tyros 5, delivering authentic, natural sound. 

The PSR-S975 has the powerful Vocal Harmony 2 system which controls the pitch, level, and number of harmonies added.