Kayserburg UH126 Upright Piano, Polished Ebony
Kayserburg UH126 Upright Piano, Polished Ebony
Kayserburg UH126 Upright Piano, Polished Ebony

Kayserburg UH126 Upright Piano, Polished Ebony

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The Kayserbug UH126 Piano is a high quality piano built by the Pearl River Piano Company. Now the largest piano manufacturer in the world.

It comes with a matching duet piano stool

First in home tuning for free.

10 Year Warranty

Product Description:

Rim and Beam Construction

The Kayserburg pianos have a select inner rim of solid maple with an MDF outer-core. Whether in your living room, or seated in the last seat of a large auditorium, the sound projected by the Kayserburg Series rim design will be warm, clean and distinct. The craftsmen at Kayserburg are dedicated to protecting the beauty lying far beneath the surface of each Kayserburg series piano, in its rim, for generations to come.


Kayserburg Series pianos have a pin block constructed only of select quarter sawn hard-rock maple which is cross laminated to ensure maximum resistance on the tuning pin threads. Tuning pins are nickel plated to resist rust and insure string integrity.

Soundboard, Ribs and Bridges

Perhaps no other aspect of piano crafting is as important as the construction of the soundboard unit (soundboard, ribs and bridges) which is truly the heart of the piano. All Kayserburg Series pianos have soundboards crafted entirely of tight grained European quarter sawn solid spruce.


The pianos are strung with the highest grade of solid steel musical wire from Rosslau, Germany. Treble: Röslau, solid surgical grade steel. Bass: Röslau, core, solid copper hand-wound wrap.


Kayserburg Series piano actions, as designed by Mr. Thomma, have set this spring in parts constructed of hard rock maple and affix the entire piece to a rail of sturdy hardwood construction. By using this method the Kayserburg has superior strength, durability and stability. Only top quality pins, felts and buckskin are used to ensure precision and noise reduction throughout the action. All action felt is crafted of 100 percent wool of the highest quality which has been treated to be moth-resistant.


The hammers on the Kayserburg Series are specially designed by the world renowned Renner company of Stuttgart, Germany to produce warm, clear legato tone. The hammers are crafted only of top grade felt which has been formed over select hardwood cores and then fastened to the cores with t-shaped steel wires for the maximum resilience and structural integrity. Only when coupled with the superb Thomma scale design, and cabinet of a Kayserburg, can the resultant sound of the supreme Kayserburg Artist Series hammer be faithfully duplicated.