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Cort C-M150B 150W Bass Amp

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The CM150B LE is a limited edition of Corts 150W high-performance bass amplifier CM150B, which can be used for indoor spaces, small venues and recording environments. Wrapped in soft carpet, the amplifier is sturdy with a luxurious semi-matte metallic corner, with a limited edition grille and an easier handle to move around. The same effect loop on the back panel as the CM150B allows you to connect a variety of equipment such as delays, EQs and reverbs.


High-Powered 150W Output: 

  • Corts first high-power bass amplifier, the CM150B, is designed to provide a wide range of Up to a small stage, it provides 150W output, enough for most live use.

12” Speaker (60): 

  • Equipped with 12" speakers, it expresses the amps rich range without negative distortion, even at high volumes.

Two Mid Knobs & Bright Button, Overdrive Mode: 

  • The CM150B features two control functions for mids, low-mid & high-mid. The performer can adjust the tone of the amplifier according to his instrument type, and according to musical taste. You can adjust it with Treble & Bass controls to create tones that work well for all playing styles and music genres. The Bright button strengthens the high-duty area, while the Mode button allows you to select a clean or gain mode. It operates in gain mode when the LED is lighted up and adjusts the amount of distortion/overdrive of the preamble through the gain knob.

Effects Loop On Back Panel & Line Out For Mixer:

  • There is a jack for the effect roof only. You can further extend the utilization of your amplifier by connecting your own equipment, such as graphics EQ, parametric EQ, modularity, spatial delay and reverb. It has XLR output that can be connected directly to the mixer or pa system in the venue, which is required during a studio or live performance, and the ground button makes it easy to remove noise from the ground lift button on the back panel in the event of noise while using the lineout.

Aux In & Headphone Input:

  • The AUX in terminal allows you to connect devices such as smartphones and CD players. For situations where you need to play quietly, you can connect headphones to take advantage of them.

Black Satin Metal Grille: 

  • It is a black satin grille with a new pattern.

Black Carpet Cabinet Covering & Heavy - Duty Side Handle:  

The limited editions soft cabinet carpet and edge-protecting metallic finish are finished with a luxurious black finish. The sturdy handle makes it easier to move the amplifier.


  • Power Requirements: 150W
  • Power Outage: 150W R.M.S.
  • Rated Load Impedance: 40,80,160
  • Speaker: 12” 60


  • Package Dimension:  44cm x 44cm x 36cm
  • Package Weight: 20kg