DUKE10 Tenor Banjo Ukulele
DUKE10 Tenor Banjo Ukulele
DUKE10 Tenor Banjo Ukulele
DUKE10 Tenor Banjo Ukulele
DUKE10 Tenor Banjo Ukulele
DUKE10 Tenor Banjo Ukulele
DUKE10 Tenor Banjo Ukulele
DUKE10 Tenor Banjo Ukulele

DUKE10 Tenor Banjo Ukulele

Introduing the DUKE10 Tenor Banjo Ukulele

Strums Like A Uke, Picks Like A Banjo.

It all started with ideas so simple we didn't know why anyone hadn't thought of them before. We invite you to keep reading to find out all about the amazing DUKE10 Banjo Ukulele (and it's not just us that thinks so!)




"The DUKE10 has a mellow banjo ukulele sound - very easy & fun to play. It is excellent value. If you’re in the market I’d recommend it highly."


"Remarkably light, much less than the Deering! Love the satin feel of the neck, the innovative headstock, good value for a banjouke. ​Good price, good weight, good features, good sound."


"The intonation is excellent on this instrument. As a sweet-sounding, consistent go-to instrument that you can take out anywhere, I would really recommend the DUKE10."

So Light You Will Be Amazed!

The first thing you will notice when you take your new banjolele out of it's colorful gig bag is that it is SUPER LIGHT! 

In fact, we don't know of another banjo uke that is this light.

Only 2lbs (1kg). That's nothing like some of the 4lb monsters out there!

No More Sore Arms!

It is not nice to have the metal tension hooks digging into your arm, so every DUKE10 has a well placed and very comfortable armrest.

The armrest also keeps your arm off the drum head, which avoids unnecessary muting., and we don't know of any other banjolele on the market with an armrest fitted as standard!

No More Breaking Strings

If you are sick of breaking strings at the tailpiece, the DUKE10 will be your savior.

Most other banjo ukuleles tie-off the strings under the metal tailpiece. Needless to say, nylon strings and sharp metal edges do not mix well!

To fix the this problem, we designed a simple 'smooth-edge' tailpiece. Now your strings will never break at the tail because they tie-off behind the wooden drum, not the metal.

Change Your Tone with the Adjustable Drum Head

Use the (included) tension key to tighten or loosen the drum head.

Tightening it to be hard to the touch will give you a very bright sound. You will get good note distinction, but less bass response. 

Loosening it to be softer to the touch results in a warmer, less bright, or plunkier sound.

This puts you in charge of how you want your DUKE10 to sound.

Make Tuning A Breeze

They may look like traditional friction pegs, but they are actually planetary geared tuners.

Tuning is a whole lot easier. They are very smooth to turn and hold the strings in tune very well.

Happy DUKE10 owners love these tuners!

Nice Low Strings, Forever!

Over time, the distance of the strings from the fingerboard of a banjo ukulele can increase. This makes it harder to press your fingers down when playing chords.

It happens for a variety of reasons but the main one being movement of the neck.

To remove this issue once and for all the DUKE10 has a one-piece neck - a rigid spine of sorts. So when your get your new banjo uke, the strings will be at the right height with everything in alignment. The best part is that it stays that way forever!

It's Acoustic AND Electric

Yes we know, banjo ukuleles are already loud so why would we put a pickup in every DUKE10?

Well let's just say that it comes in very useful on more occasions than you would think.

Great for plugging in to your little personal ukulele amp or going big and using with a full sound system in a venue.

Just To Be Different

Sometimes you find an instrument that just speaks to you, and we have designed the DUKE10 to stand out.

From its minimalist design to its unique and quirky headstock, this banjolele attracts a lot of attention.

And Then There's The Gig Bag

Talk about making a statement!

You will certainly get noticed when you walk in toting your DUKE10 in this colorful and fun gig bag.

Every DUKE10 comes supplied in one of these awesome bags. Grab yours today and stand out from the crowd.

Whether you play chords on it like a ukulele, or tune and finger-pick it like a banjo, the sound is always bright and loud, but with a richness that stands out from the crowd.
We selected the longer tenor-sized fretboard to make it easier to play, as the frets have a wider spacing than smaller fretboards (like concert and soprano).
​The first thing you will notice upon taking it out of the box is that it is SUPER LIGHT! Just 1kg (or 2lbs).
The DUKE10 is designed in New Zealand and carefully built in China using precision components from Canada, New Zealand, China, USA and Italy.
We personally oversee the production of the DUKE10 in our carefully appointed manufacturing facility in China. We also personally quality check, tune and play each DUKE10 before it gets safely stored in its very own unique gig bag. It is then boxed up, ready for shipping to you.
The DUKE10 comes out of the box without needing any adjustments, every time...and it stays that way forever. ​Just stand the bridge up, quickly re-tune the strings, and go!



  • Instrument Weight - 2lbs (1kg) (excluding packaging)
  • Total Length - 25.9” (64cm)
  • Drum Size - 10” (25.4cm) 
  • Drum Construction - 5 Ply Birch
  • Frets - 18 - Nickel Silver
  • Fret Marker Pearloid Side Dots at frets 5,7,10 & 12
  • Action at Fret One - 0.5mm to 0.75mm 
  • Action at Fret Twelve - 2.2mm to 3.0mm
  • Nut Width 1.3/8” (35mm) - Plastic
  • Distance from Nut to 12th fret 8.464” (21.5cm)
  • Tuners - 4:1 planetary gears - mother of pearl finish + chrome plating
  • Fretboard - American walnut with mother of pearl acrylic fret marker inlays
  • Electrics - Schatten Design LP-15 transducer pickup with std 1/4” input jack
  • Arm Rest - Chrome plated aluminium
  • Neck - solid nato wood
  • Strings - Genuine Aquila Supernylgut tenor ukulele strings GCEA tuning
  • Drum head - high impact polyvinyl
  • Tailpiece - precision “Smooth Edge” steel

    ​Also included:

    • Bright and colorful padded gig bag with shoulder straps, zip pocket and carry handle
    • Fully adjustable white webbing shoulder strap with black DUKE logo
    • Drum tensioner key