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Fender Champion 50XL Amp

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The all-in-one Fender Champion 50XL packs 50 giggable watts, a sophisticated voicing and FX suite, and a refreshingly nuanced clean channel into its Blues Junior-sized frame. Yet the Champ 50XL is no me-too modeler. Its solid state front end speaks with Blackface authority, with plenty of cluck, weight, and sparkle to evoke chunky rhythms and sweet, singing leads. Head on over to channel twos 8-stop Voice control, and you get a guided tour through classic American cleans to modern British high gain and beyond. A streamlined FX selector sweetens amp tones with a host of A-class time and modulation effects; theres even a tap switch for delay. The icing on the cake is the Champion 50XLs specially voiced Celestion 12" speaker, which delivers the kind of attack, dynamics, and low end thatll make you swear youre playing an old Fender favorite.

Blackface-inspired clean channel

A great clean tone is foundational to any classic Fender combo. And thats exactly what you get in the Champion 50XLs clean channel. Whether you push it with pedals or just plug in and crank up, this amp speaks with real Fender authority — all at a fraction of the weight and cost of your favorite tube amp.

8-way Voice switch

Over on channel two, the Champ 50XL has four amp voicings and four complementary effects to get you in the ballpark of virtually any style of music, from blues and country to modern rock and metal. There are no menus and model names to decipher — just turn counterclockwise for less gain and clockwise for more. Even well into high-gain territory, the 50XL retains its top-end clarity and low-end punch, so you can really crank up for those leads or show out for that solo.

Streamlined FX suite

The Champion 50XLs FX Select dial is where tones really begin to come alive. Slather your solos in lush reverb and delay or kiss your cleans with a touch of Fender-inspired chorus or tremolo. An FX Level control lets you blend in just the right amount of wet and dry. A feature we at Sweetwater enjoyed using is the 50XLs tap tempo delay switch, which locks in repeats to suit the tempo of any song.