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Hughes & Kettner 60r Edition Blue Electric Guitar Amp

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The fat, expressive tone within the Hughes and Kettner Edition Blue 60-R inspires you to play. From room to stage levels, the 60-watt Edition Blue 60 has what it takes to make you a winner in every musical situation. Featuring a 12" Celestion speaker.

The Edition Blue Series makes it fun to play: Compact, easy to carry, a control panel with signature blue backlighting – and most importantly something that’s very hard to find in other amps of this class: fat, expressive tone that inspires you to play! In fact, these amps are so good and responsive that many pro players use them as practice or warm-up amps prior to playing the main stages of this world.

The Edition Blue’s impressive sound quality is no coincidence. These amps offer a package of sonic goodies unrivalled in quality and assertiveness. Proven analog preamp circuitry, tone-maximizing 15-, 30- or 60-watt Current Feedback power amps and premium speakers built by world-class manufacturers Celestion and Jensen. Pick the Edition R (with Spring Reverb) or Edition DFX (with dual Digital FX) amp that’s right for you and get ready for prime time!

The Main Features of the EDITION BLUE 60-R include:

  • Preamp: Solid-State
  • Channels: Clean & Overdrive
  • Preamp Controls: Bass, Mid & Treble
  • Master Controls: Master Volume
  • Effects: Reverb
  • FX Loop: Serial
  • Connectors: Footswitch, Headphones, CD Input
  • Power Amp: Solid-State, Current Feedback
  • Output Power: 60 watts
  • Speaker: 12" Celestion
  • Stageboard: FS-1 Footswitch (optional)
  • Stageboard Controls: Channel Switch (with optional FS-1 footswitch)
  • Weight in kg: 15
  • Dimensions in mm: 490 x 445 x 270
  • Special Features: Control Panel illuminated in blue