Ibanez RGD 7 String Electric Guitar Extended Scale

Ibanez RGD 7 String Electric Guitar Extended Scale

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Designed for down tuning, the RGD is designed with a 26.5 scale for improved tension and its beautifully figured Poplar Burl top, not only enhances tone, but creates stunning visual appeal. With a shaved edge under the right arm, the RGD adds player comfort to a list of unique features.

A Poplar Burl top creates a shadowy aura that is truly mesmerizing. Matched with a layered Ash body, these two woods combine to create a bright, expressive tone that delivers punch with ample articulation.

Crystal Cut Horns

The beveled design of the Crystal Cut on the inside of the horns allows for comfortable, unfettered access to the highest frets on the neck.


DiMarzio® Fusion Edge Pickups

In pursuit of the perfect Iron Label pickup, Ibanez collaborated with DiMarzio® to develop Fusion Edge, a series of pickups dedicated to the fullest expression of Iron Labels sonic character. Six, seven and eight stringed instruments each have their own requirements and each Fusion Edge pickup model is built to excel in that instruments range.


The Fusion Edge pickup series was designed to produce a modern, progressive metal sound, with clarity, power and velocity. The neck and bridge pickups are calibrated in terms of both output and tone quality to work together as well as produce distinctive individual voices. Although all of the pickups were designed for the same purpose, they are not modifications of one design. Six, seven and eight string guitars have different performance characteristics, and the pickups for these guitars were designed individually for best performance in the individual instruments.


Birdseye Maple fretboard

Birdseye Maple is a beautiful hardwood with natural swirls and markings that give it a distinctive unique look. It provides a smooth playing surface and contributes to a bright, articulate sound.

Nitro Wizard 3pc Maple Bubinga neck

The legendary Super-thin, ultra-playable Nitro Wizard neck enhances playing agility and optimizes articulation.

26.5" Scale length with one Full-step Down Tuning

The extra length of a 26.5" scale neck increases the tension on the strings, creating the perfect design for a 7-string, or down-tuned instrument.

Gotoh Locking Machine Heads

Gotoh Locking tuners stay in tune longer, provide improved tuning accuracy, and allow quick, efficient string changes

Gibraltar Standard II Bridge

The Gibraltar Standard II is a simple fixed bridge designed to unite with the guitars body to provide optimal transfer of each strings vibration. A low, smooth profile design maximizes playing comfort and performance.