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Ibanez UB804 Upright Electric Bass

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Product Description

The UB804 or “Upswing”, is Ibanez’s very first electric upright bass. Utilising a standard 34" scale, the Ibanez Electric Upright instantly feels familiar and delivers a very easy to play Double Bass alternative. The special AeroSilk Piezo pickup, along with the Walnut, Maple, and Jatoboa woods, combine to create a tone that is incredibly warm and true to the voicing of an acoustic upright bass.

  • Fretless upright electric bass
  • 34" scale for a familiar feel when transitioning from an electric bass guitar
  • Conical compound fretboard radius for smooth playability all the way down the neck
  • AeroSilk piezo pickup system allows you to switch between fingers and bow without changing pickup settings
  • Master volume and tone controls