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Istanbul IXS3 Agop XIST 3-Piece Cymbal Set with Soft Case

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Product Description

A Top Quality Cymbal Pack, That Wont Break The Bank

This 3 piece IXS3 cymbal set includes a 14 inch hi hat, a 16 inch crash and a 20 inch ride; everything you need for a great start, especially considering the rather unique fact that youre also getting a sturdy case. Istanbul Agops XIST Series cymbals offer a pleasingly warm and bright sound with excellent definition and can be deployed in a wide variety of styles, making them not only interesting for beginners who havent yet found their sound but also for semi-professionals in need of an all-round kit. Compared to the XIST Brilliant, the cymbals in this set sound a tad warmer.

The Istanbul XIST Series

Through a combination of modern and traditional manufacturing techniques, Xist Agop cymbals produce a hybrid sound that is characteristically warm and full bodied. The moderate overtones make them suitable for both recording and live situations. Istanbul Cymbals are renowned for being manually shaped by hammer wielding cymbal smiths who painstakingly craft each cymbal to perfection. The cymbals have a consistent performance that can be relied on by students and professionals alike.

Key Features

- Tight Lathing Gives Great Transparency and Clarity - Warm Tone Helps to Project Confidently Within the Mix - High Grade B20 Alloy (80% Copper, 20% Tin) - Medium Sustain - Comes Complete With Hard Case