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Kala Concert Ukulele Striped Ebony

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Concert Ukulele Adorned with Ebony

The Kala Ebony Concert Ukulele has a distinct look and sound. It is crafted entirely from beautifully streaked ebony. Because ebony imparts a very clear and present tonality to the Ebony Concert Uke, youll enjoy a full sound with plenty of top-end articulation. And the concert size blends the best features of the traditional soprano with a larger body and neck to increase volume and playing comfort. The Kala Ebony Concert Ukulele puts the sounds of the Hawaiian islands in your hands.

Kala Ebony Concert Ukulele at a Glance:

  • The concert ukulele
  • Stunning ebony construction
  • From Kala - the uke company

The concert ukulele

The concert ukulele - one size larger than the original Concert - was introduced in the 1920s as an "enhanced" Concert, sporting a louder, deeper tone with more body and richness. Youll find that the Kala Ebony Concert Uke gives you impressive volume along with warm and clear tones. Because of its wider fret spacing and comfort when playing, Sweetwater highly recommends this concert-sized gem.

Stunning ebony construction

The Kala Ebony Concert Ukulele brings an exotic tonewood twist to traditional ukulele construction. Beautiful pieces of ebony are used for the ukuleles top, back, and sides. Because of ebonys dense makeup, it imparts a very piano-like articulation to the instrument. And its streaked appearance is breathtaking and an original look all its own.

From Kala - the uke company

Kala is all about uke. In fact, ukes are all they make, and they make them exceedingly well. Kala is in no small part responsible for the strong resurgence of interest in ukuleles that weve seen since the mid 1990s. They design and manufacture over 120 different models made from a variety of woods, including lacewood, koa, mango, and many more, each imparting its own sonic signature and aesthetic beauty to these popular and iconic instruments.

Kala Ebony Concert Ukulele Features:

  • Easy-playing concert ukulele with premium tonewoods
  • Beautifully crafted with streaked ebony
  • Thin and protective satin finish
  • Mahogany neck with walnut fingerboard
  • Graph Tech NuBone nut for enhanced tonality