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Martin FX Flexible Core Silk n Phosphor >> Gauge 11-47

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  • BRIGHT TONES: Martin Authentic Acoustic Strings provide excellent tuning stability and playability with bright and rich tones. Discover your guitar's true voice with this professional-grade guitar string pack.
  • FLEXIBLE CORE STRINGS: Created to reduce finger fatigue and allow huge bends, these strings feature a lighter-gauge version of our Superior Performance core wire combined with heavier wrap wire to deliver a full and balanced tone with increased flex.
  • STRING SOUNDS: Designed to bring out a full and balanced tone from your guitar, these silk/phosphor acoustic guitar strings can be used for fingerpicking, pick playing, and other methods. Play with these strings for any genre—rock, bluegrass, country, folk, blues, and more.
  • CUSTOM-GAUGE ACOUSTIC GUITAR STRINGS: Measuring from a 0.011" high E string to a 0.047" low E string, these are high-quality acoustic guitar strings that brighten the natural tuning of your guitar, including tenor, mid-tones, and bass. They feature a tension of 128.
  • AUTHENTIC ACOUSTIC FLEX CORE: With Martin Authentic Acoustic, you get a total set of strings designed for performance and playability. Martin guitars and accessories remain the choice for musicians around the world for their unrivaled quality, craftsmanship, and tone.