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Kingdom Music

Medeli DD638DX Digital Drum Kit With Mesh Heads

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3 Tom (2-zone, mesh head)

1 Snare (2-zone, mesh head)

1 Crash (2-zone) with Choke

1 Ride (3-zone, bell/bow/edge) with Choke

1 Hi-Hat (2-zone)

1 HH Control  (continuous type)

1 Kick Trigger (mesh head)

Expandability: 1 Tom; 1 Crash 


Display:  Backlit LCD

Polyphony:  64 (max)


Trigger Para:

Sensitivity; Threshold; Head-rim adjust;

Cross stick level; Curve; Crosstalk;

Retrigger cancel; Splash sensitivity; HH close point


Drum Kits:  50 preset; 49 user

iKit: 5

Voices:  650 + 17 Hi-Hat; user (15M max)

Record:  MIDI; Audio

Songs:  100 preset; 10 user



Click voice; Volume; Time signature; Interval select


Tempo:  30 – 280

External Driver: USB (64G max)


H= 35cm D= 61cm L= 95.5cm Weight = 23.2 kg