Tama Hardware pack Iron Cobra 900

Tama Hardware pack Iron Cobra 900

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Build your drum set around this killer bundle of TAMA hardware! The Iron Cobra Power Glide HP900PN is a top-shelf
kick drum pedal that provides smooth and fast response, while the Iron Cobra Lever Glide HH905D brings the same
snappy drive to your hi-hat. Experience solid stability and superior isolation for your snare drum with the
Roadpro Snare Stand HS800W, while a pair of Roadpro Boom Cymbal Stands HC83BW offer extremely secure support
for your cymbals. With the TAMA Iron Cobra 900 Hardware Pack at the center of your drum kit, you can expect
matchless operation every time you perform.

  • Drum hardware package with kick drum pedal, hi-hat stand, snare stand, and 2 boom cymbal stands
  • Kick drum pedal with Iron Cobra Coil for smooth and fast response
  • Two-legged hi-hat stand with plastic drive mechanism and adjustable footboard
  • 12" to 15" snare drum stand with Glide-Tite Grip Joint, Omni-ball Tilter, Asymmetrical Basket Arms, and Escape Claws
  • 2 heavy-duty cymbal stands with Quick-Set Tilters, Quick-Set Cymbal Mates, and Glide-Tite Grip Joints



Iron Cobra 900 5-piece Hardware Pack

Cymbal Stands:

2 x HC83BW Boom

Hi-hat Stand:


Snare Stand:

HS800W Roadpro

Kick Drum Pedal:

HP900PN Iron Cobra Single Pedal

Manufacturer Part Number: