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Tama IE52KH6BWW Imperialstar 5 Piece Drum Kit, Burgundy Walnut Wrap

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Product Description

TAMAs ImperialStar drum series is known as THE industry standard for beginning drummers who want a high-quality drum set experience at an excellent value. TAMAs philosophy is that the beginning/aspiring drummer realizes maximum enjoyment and personal fulfillment on a fully functional, highly durable and quality sounding acoustic drum set/cymbal package. This is the foundation for TAMA, and they designed ImperialStar to be a proven value that is uncommon in the world of todays drum set category.

For TAMA, sound and durability go hand-in-hand and ImperialStar delivers on both accounts. 100% poplar 6-ply, 8 mm shells achieve full, deep sounds that include TAMAs precision bearing edges for efficient sound transfer from drumhead to shell. The wrap finishes are fully adhered to the shell using a gluing process (not double-sided tape) to produce a strong bond that allows the shell and wrap to fully resonate as one. Ultra low-mass lugs further enable toms and floor toms to reach their full, rich tones. TAMA fully supports the idea that good sounding cymbals are critical to an essential acoustic drum set experience, so they have collaborated with Meinl on the cymbal set up and include Meinls HCS series cymbals. They produce clean sonic separation and are highly durable to allow full dynamic exploration.

Good quality hardware is essential to an enjoyable drum set experience and TAMA has a glowing reputation for making the highest-grade hardware in the industry. TAMA brings their hardware expertise to ImperialStar by offering a super sturdy and highly adjustable ball/socket 10.5 mm double tom holder with memory locks, a height adjustable padded throne and double-braced, three-tiered cymbal stands that combine stability with full height adjustment/positioning. Bass drum pedal and hi-hat stand are critical to any drummers performance expression, therefore TAMA includes a bass drum pedal that has an underside rock plate for stability, along with independent tension and beater-angle adjustments to allow drummers to find their desired bass drum feel. The double-braced hi-hat stand assures stability and includes secure-grip clutch for prolonged and secure performance, along with seat-cup angle adjustment for customized cymbal feel.

Several configurations and finishes are available to customize the appropriate drum sizes and finish aesthetic for each individual. Add-on drums are available to accommodate drum set expansion.

ImperialStar offers the entry-level drummer incredible value derived from a different kind of product experience. TAMA invites you to engage in your full drum set potential by exploring the ImperialStar acoustic drum set experience.

Cymbals not included

  • 8 mm, 6-ply 100% Poplar
  • TAMA Precision Bearing Edges
  • Original Small Lugs
  • Glue-adhered wraps
  • New Double-Braced Hardware
  • BD Spurs with height calibration
  • Ultra low-mass tom brackets
  • Omnisphere Tom Holder
  • Accu-Tune Bass Drum Hoops




Burgundy Walnut Wrap

Bass Drum:






Floor Tom:


Snare Drum: