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Kingdom Music

Mooer ELADY Micro Analog Flanger MFL2 Electric Guitar Effects Pedal

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For classic analog flanger sounds in a compact enclosure, look no further than the MOOER E-Lady Analog Flanger Pedal. The analog circuitry elicits two different flanger sounds selectable via the Mode switch. In Normal mode you can expect a classic cycling flanger sound with Rate, Color (feedback), and Range controls. Throw the pedal into Filter mode and you'll achieve a static flange, as if the effect has been frozen in place. In this mode, the range knob adjusts the filter matrix. The Color knob is especially flexible, able to self-oscillate for unique effects. True bypass switching takes the pedal's circuit completely out of your signal chain to ensure that your signal passes through unmodified while the pedal is disengaged.

  • Analog Flanger Tones
  • Small All-Metal Chassis
  • Normal and Filter Modes
  • Rate, Range, and Color Controls
  • True Bypass