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Kingdom Music

Shubb SC2 Capo (for Nylon String Classical Guitars)

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Product Description

The Shubb C2 Standard capo wont mess with your tuning or intonation, allowing for fast attachment between songs with no break in your musical flow. This capo™s patented over-center locking action ensures smooth operation and unrivaled ease of use. Its soft rubber pad works like a fingertip, while its closing action is engineered like your hand, so the capo doesn™t pull your guitar™s strings off center ” no retuning necessary. Its innovative roller design ensures smooth action and reduced wear for long-term reliability. Small, stylish, and unobtrusive, the Shubb C2 is tailor-made for classical guitars.

  • Fits most classical guitars
  • 2.25" wide, FLAT fretboard
  • Polished nickel finish
  • Roller design provides smoother action, superior geometry, and reduced wear
  • Contoured lever makes capo easier to use