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Shure BLX24-BETA58 BLX Wireless Microphone Handheld System w/Beta 58

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Product Description

The BLX24 Handheld Wireless System with Beta 58A Mic from Shure includes a BLX4 wireless receiver and a BLX2 handheld transmitter with a Beta 58A microphone. The system has up to a 300 line-of-sight range of operation and is designed for easy setup.

The BLX4 receivers one-touch QuickScan frequency selection finds the clearest available channel and tunes the unit to it. Its front-panel LCD display indicates the group and channel it is tuned to, allowing you to set the BLX2 transmitter to match. A dual-colored LED indicator displays green for normal audio levels and red to alert you if your levels are clipping. The unit has a microprocessor-controlled internal diversity antenna to prevent interference and dropouts.

  • Two included AA batteries provide The BLX2 transmitter with up to 14 hours of operation.
  • You can use up to 12 compatible BLX systems simultaneously per frequency band.