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Stentor 1400 Student I 1/4 Violin Outfit

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The Stentor Student I is the ideal entry-level student violin outfit. This is an instrument that offers reliable, consistent performance and good tone, enhancing the learning process for the student. Each instrument is carved from solid tonewoods with inlaid purfling and good quality pau rosa pegs and ebonised straight grained fingerboard. It is fitted with a good quality bridge and tailpiece with integral adjusters. The outfit includes a reliable wood bow and well-designed lightweight case with fitted interior, external shoulder rest pocket and music pocket, bow holders and rosin as well as backpack carrying straps.  Sizes: 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8

The Stentor 1400, a classic beginner’s violin ideal for children learning violin! If you want a violin in a smaller size this one is worth your consideration. It’s everything your child needs to get started playing the violin, for a reasonable price. A bow and a lightweight case are included. 

This solid maple and spruce violin looks good and will gives you the feeling of a much higher priced violin. Its top is made from spruce and the sides and back from maple, just like many other violins. The fingerboard is made from blackened rosewood, which is quite oily and a good material for fingerboards.

- Hand carved from solid tonewoods
- Black rosewood fingerboards
- Rosewood pegs
- Alloy tailpiece with integral adjusters
- Lightweight case with blue integral cover and carrying strap, full size music pocket and shoulder rest pocket

-Includes Bow