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Kingdom Music

Tama HB5W Hardware Set

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Here's an affordable, all-inclusive hardware pack from the Iron Cobra 200 series. The TAMA HB5W is all you need
to transform your shell pack into a performance-ready mean machine — just add cymbals! TAMA's Iron Cobra hardware
is one of the most respected names in the industry. This set includes a chain-drive kick pedal and smooth-pull
hi-hat stand that adjust to your playing style, twin convertible boom cymbal stands with double-braced legs and
thick 1" steel bases, and a snare stand with a Quick-Set Tilter and fatigue-fighting, rubber-cushioned Escape
Claws to help you perform and sound your best, onstage or in the studio.

  • 1x HP200P Iron Cobra power glide single pedal
  • 1x HS60W Snare stand
  • 2x HC63BW Cymbal boom stand
  • 1x HH205 Iron Cobra hi-hat stand