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Kingdom Music

Tomsline AGF3 G Fuzz Mini Guitar Effects Pedal

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Product Description

A very useful, compact, and affordable boost pedal, the simply named Booster stomp from budget guitar effects pedal maker Tomsline can dish out up to 14dB of pure, transparent bost to juice up your guitar signal. Use it to help your signal cut through the mix during a solo or to make softer playing styles float to the front. The Booster also lets you tweak your guitar™s tone even further; its dedicated Low and High control pots can act as a very simple two band EQ.

  • Built-in Operation amplifier with low noise, natural and clear sound
  • True bypass design, minimizes tone loss and get more control of your pedal.
  • 3 adjustable knobs: level, low and high.
  • Aluminum alloy housing, good durability
  • Durable jacks and foot switch