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Udo Roesner DaCapo 75 Acoustic Amplifier

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The Udo DaCapo 75 is the first widely available amp from legendary creator Udo Roesner - founder of AER with over 30 years experience in the industry. The DaCapo 75 builds on his original AER core principles, taking acoustic amp design to a new, supreme level.

The complete package

Boasting outstanding 75 watt performance ideal for small-to-mid-sized venues, the DaCapo 75 really is everything you need from a great sounding acoustic amp. Its compact, flexible, full of effects and most importantly of all, gives you the freedom to dial in an exact crisp tone for your live show. 


Udo chose to equip the DaCapo with a Class A/B power amp for as open and dynamic a sound as possible. Paired with the analogue preamps, youll get an extremely authentic tone in likeness to your instrument rather than a hi-fi copy. It delivers on precise clarity whether youre turned down low or pushed to the full 75 watt potential.


The amp features two channels, each with their own gain and three-band EQ, as well as options to run direct line in or microphone connections using phantom power.

Channel one is best used as your base sound and houses the bright switch, which applies a unique jangly character to your tone. Channel two is where youll find the more detailed parameters such as the high pass filter and effects: two types of reverb, three types of delay and a chorus – all with panning and level capabilities.


Add your own flavour to the signal chain with the built in effects loop. Handling the onboard effects is also easy thanks to foot switch compatibility. There are also plenty of options to run from the amp into a mixer with two DI outs and two 1/4” jack line outs. The DaCapo 75 also accommodates for headphone playing to listen to every detail of your tone.


  • 75 watts of power
  • Analogue Preamps
  • Analogue A/B Power Amplifier
  • 2 input channels
  • Each channel supports mic / line (with combo XLR / jack), 3-band EQ, and 6 effects
  • 2 channel independent DI outs,
  • 2 line outs with different output levels
  • FX Send & Return
  • Footswitchable FX control (Footswitch not included)
  • AUX input
  • Phantom power
  • High pass filter
  • Headphone output
  • Includes soft Gigbag