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Kingdom Music

Vox VGH AC30 Amphones w/Effects

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Top-quality Tone in a Portable Headphone Design

Low-noise practice is a breeze with the Vox VGH Guitar Headphones! Using Vox’s acclaimed amPlug technology and combining it with Audio-Technica’s innovative headphone design, VGH Guitar Headphones deliver top-notch guitar tone perfect for late-night sessions or wherever cranking your full-stack is frowned upon. Each VGH model comes with three distinct amp modes for additional sonic variety, and onboard chorus, delay, and reverb effects allow you to dial in your perfect sound. 


  • Designed with Audio-Technica for stellar sound quality
  • Perfect for silent practice and low-noise settings
  • AC30 model delivers iconic British Invasion tone directly to your ears
  • 3 different amp modes for tonal variety
  • Onboard chorus, delay, and reverb effects (Rock and AC30 models only)
  • Durable, lengthy cable
  • Approximately 16 hours of life with 3 AAA batteries